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"M-My p-parents?" Cycnus' whole body was shaking as memories regressed in his mind. "B-But, why?! T-They had abandoned me! Sent me to this... This place! This hell hole!" His breathing became uneasy and his head hurt. "No!" He shrieked backing up to the wall. "I-I don't want to see them!"

Dr. Serin watched the teen's reaction to the new, it was good.

'If this goes on then Herschel will show up for sure...'

"Cycnus," The medical worker said taking a step forward. "Your parents came all this way just to see have to go and, if you want to, you can bring Herschel."

Slowly the boy calmed down and suddenly a man shaped shadow formed and sat down beside him. Cat like eyes peered over in an intense glare as he examined the doctor.

"Do you want to go?"

Dr. Serin's grey eyes widened, did that shadow just talk?!

"Well..." Cycnus whispered to his friend. "I'll go... If you go..." he gave a small smile over to the shadow who smiled back.

"I'll go."

"Thank you Herschel!" The cream haired teen exclaimed before looking over to the doctor. "I'll go, Herschel too!"

"Then let's."

As the three traveled down the hall it soon became two as Herschel disappeared. Cycnus glanced around to see what the place looked like, it had hardly changed in the last ten years. It was all white and grey.

"Look over there!" He heard a nurse whisper loudly as they walked by. "Isn't that the boy with the demonic presence?"

"Yeah, it is! What is he doing out?! He could kill us all!"

Caramel cased themselves aside and suddenly he wished his bangs were longer so he could hide himself.

"Don't listen to them," Herschel said, his body still translucent. "Their words don't matter."

"You're right," The teen replied back. "Who cares what they think."

But the more they ventures the harder it was to think that.

"Look, it's the demon boy!"

"I'd rather hit it off with the pyro in room 114 then spend a minute with him."

Tears started to collect in Cycnus' eyes, how could people say such cruel things?

"Don't cry," Dr. Serin said, finally stopping in front of a door. "We're here." Cycnus looked to see the white door the was labeled 'Visitor's Room', he glanced over to the doctor.

"Do I really have to?" Mr. Serin gave a silent nod before opening the said door and leading him inside. Cycnus' body trembled as he was sat down a crossed the people he hated the most, his mother and his father. The people who ignored him, abandoned him, the people who NEVER gave a second of love for him every sense he was born! He let out a sigh to calm himself down then, he finally looked at his parents.

His mother, Jamie Cygnus, sat next to her husband, Garret Cygnus, their eyes were all but loving.

"Hello son," His father said, his green eyes piercing the teen's soul. "How are you?" His voice was cold and emotionless, you could hear the ice clattering in it.

"F-Fine..." He said shifting his gaze away from the hate and loveless filled stares.

"How are you feeling?" Cycnus' eyes narrowed as he glared at the ground, why would they care about how he felt?

"O-OK, I guess..." The creamette replied back, voice barely above a whisper. "A little... Lonely tho..." Silence over took the space as the mental patient glanced from from the guard standing behind is parents to the corner where Herschel was.

"That's... Great." His mother said, her tone different from her words. "I can imagine what kind of treatment you get here, being locked up and all." Cycnus' eyes went wide at the statement before narrowing.

"Really?" He asked, his voice dark and venomous. "Can you really imagine? WHAT I'VE FELT ALL THESE YEARS!" He stood up so fast that his chair fell to the floor and he slammed his hands on the table. "YOU ABANDONED ME! YOUR OWN SON! WHEN THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ME!" The parents' eyes went wide as the walls behind there son went black and two shining, yellow slited eyes appeared before them, the next thing that happened hit them to the core.

Tears filled Cycnus' eyes as he collapsed into a crying mess.

"Why couldn't you love me the way I am?! What did I ever do to you to make you feel this way?!" The darkness that had once painted the walls now gathered on top of the table that separated the broken family forming to the shape of a man, a very pissed off one to be exact.

"Oh my GOD!" The blond women screamed and the guard pointed his gun at the figure. The cream looked up from his crying and gasped. "H-Herschel!" He cried in joy, everyone else just looked shocked. "Herschel!?"

The man was no older than eighteen, he looked back to see Cycnus and smiled. "Are you alright?" He asked getting off the table and kneeling to the creamette's level. "You're not hurt, are you?"

Salty droplets once again filled the tan male's different eyes and a smile over took his lips as he hugged Herschel, his tears spilling. "You're real!" The teen exclaimed snuggling into the man's chest before looking up to examine his friend, it was just how he imagined it. Dark chocolate colored skin, yellow cat like eyes, sharply pointed teeth and bald. But, something was different. Imprinted on Herschel's hairless head were strange dark blue tattoos, some like arrows and some like zigzags. They covered his face, chest and arms. The only article of clothing that he wore was a pair of black pants, a golden choker around his neck.

Cycnus blushed but his daze didn't last long as it turned to one of horror. "Herschel!" The boy screamed pointing at something behind the older. "Look out!" Just as the colored male turned around to see what his love was pointing at, the guard fired his gun. "Herschel!" The cream screamed out again as gunfire rang out, six shots.

But, no blood was spilled.

Everyone in the room stared in horror at the now standing man's chest. Six bullets holes laid planted in Herschel's chest, their causes lying in the wounds.

"H-He's a monster!" Cycnus' mother shrieked before grabbing her husband's hand and dragging him out of the room, leaving the guard to do his job.

"H-Herschel?" The tan asked shakily with wide eyes, Herschel turned to look back at him and smiled. "You're not hurt, are you?" Cycnus slowly shook his head and stood before looking over at the guard. The guy was shaking, his black eyes wide with disbelief.

"H-Herschel?" The teen asked reaching for the other. "W-What are yo-." He silenced himself as the colored male smiled back at him then turned back toward the armed man.

"Stop!" The cop commanded raising his arm to the approaching figure. "Don't come any closer or I'll shoot!" Even with that said Herschel never stopped moving forward, he was one foot away from the human.

"You know," The colored man said stepping so close that the tip of the gun was pressed up against the center of his chest. "No matter how many times you shoot me it's going to have any affect, it's not going to hurt me." A smirk traced his lips as he stared straight into the man's fear filled black eyes. "Your puny weapons do nothing to me. Now, leave!"

Moments later the room became empty of everyone but the two, all doors locked from the inside. Cycnus sat in the corner with his head resting on his knees, Herschel sat beside him. Next to Herschel was a pile of bullets that had been fired at him before hand. Yellow cat like eyes glanced over to the silent boy in the corner, he sighed.

"Cycnus," He asked slowly reaching over to the silent. "Are you-?"

"Please stop." Herschel raised an eyebrow at the response, was the cream OK?

"Cycnus," He asked again, moving closer to the male. "What's wrong? You're not acting like yourself."

"What's wrong?" Cycnus repeated, his voice dead and empty. "I'll tell you what is wrong... Everything, that's what!" Suddenly the tanned male stood and shot a glare to the black, eyes void of the love and friendship they had before. "If only things were different! If only I had been born differently! Or not even born at all! No one loves me! No one gives a shit about me! Everything is wrong!" His voice began to rise drastically as his anger boiled over till he was screaming.

Herschel's eyes widened in shock as the teen's outburst worsened to it's breaking point.

"I'm abnormal!" Cycnus screamed with tears welling in hi anti normal eyes, his energy draining. "No one wants me! No one needs me! Everyone hates me! I should just die!" As those words were spoken all of the boy's vigor waned to nothing and he came crashing down to his knees, tears streaming.

"Cycnus!" Herschel cried out in fear as he caught the creamette before anymore damage could be done. "Cycnus?"

"W-What are you?"

Imaginary Insanity Chapter 6: Absence
Imaginary Insanity By: BloodyNightStalker
Cycnus has been locked up in a mental hospital for the past ten years because of his 'imaginary friend' named Herschel. Who is this Herschel character? Is he the only reason why Cycnus is in such a place? And if Hershel is nothing but a figment of Cycnus' mind than why can he move objects? Herschel X Cycnus, Yaoi, AU…

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