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Night came without any trouble, all in the facility were quiet except for an occasional crying or screaming patient. Light shined in though the windows into the Merow hospital's cafeteria, the light making shadows. In those shadows two yellow cat eyes shined as they stalked the empty room. Soon morning would come and then he could find Cycnus.

Why not now?

Because he had no idea where his cream was being held and there was security around every corner, it wasn't safe.

'Dammit!' Herschel cursed to himself. 'If only I knew where Cycnus was! I would be able to break him out then!'

Morning rose not much time later, doctors and nurses getting ready for the day.

Cycnus laid in his new bed in a cocoon of blanket, his head resting against his soft pillow. He really did like it here, it was so much better than the prison he was in before. the staff was nicer, their food was really food and his favorite part, he got to sleep in until 9:00AM! Another thing that Cycnus was happy about was that, instead of being kept in his room all day long, he had a schedule with different therapies around the building. He had animal therapy, gardening therapy and some others that sounded really fun!

"Cycnus?" A male nurse asked cracking the door open to see if the patient was awake, seeing that he was still asleep he entered. Walking over he placed a tray of breakfast on the table then went over to the sleeping boy. "Come on Cycnus. It's 9:05AM, you have gardening therapy at 10:00Am." Warm brown sugar blinked awake and he sat up with a yawn and a stretch.


"I'm your nurse for this morning, I'm going to take you to your first therapy session and your new doctor. Now, let's get you dressed and get some food into you!" Tylar, as it said on his name tag, pointed over to the bathroom that was attached to his room. "Your cloths and everything else you need is in that bathroom. When you're done you can eat breakfast and we'll leave." Giving a nod Cycnus lifted himself out of his bed and went to the bathroom. After about fifteen minutes the cream came out with his hair and teeth brushed and his outfit changed to something more comfortable. "Here," Tylar said scooting the tray to the teen. "It's cocoa puffs."

Ten minutes of eating and they were off, next stop was the gardens.

"Oh! You must be my new patient, right? Cycnus was it?" The boy nodded gently, the doctor smiled. "Well my name is Dr. Cloverleaf, I'm going to be your new, permanent doctor for the rest of your stay here! Now my boy, tell me, how do you feel right now?"

"T-Tired..." Cycnus said shyly, he wasn't used to talking to new people.

"Tired? Well that's no good! Let's wake you up then," Leaning down he picked up a hand shovel and a bucket before holding them up and giving a big, toothy grin. "With gardening!" Happily Dr. Cloverleaf marched over to a small flower box with the name 'Cycnus' painted on it in a pretty shade of light blue, he liked it. "Do you like it?" Blinking caramel looked over at the medical worker, he nodded. "That's good! Sit here while I go fetch the supplies!" As he walked away the unusual examined the jolly man.

Unlike Cycnus' thin frame Dr. Cloverleaf was heavier set and had a pair of round rim glasses, two hazel eyes hiding behind them. Setting atop of the man's pudgy head was a scalp full of light brown and, if you looked close enough, a few grey hairs. Finally, under his nose was a large, brown, bushy mustache that reminded him of the caterpillars that he saw in books when he was younger.

"Here we go!" The older man said coming back with a basket full of who knows what, he placed a mat before them. Kneeling down the doctor patted the spot beside him, his patient instantly sat down. "So," Dr. Cloverleaf asked as he took out a pair of gardening gloves. "Have you ever planted a flower before?"

"No," Cycnus replied taking the gloves he was offered and putting them on. "My parents didn't let me go outside when it was sunny and warm out. They said it would be shameful if someone saw me..." Fiddling with his now clothed fingers he looked up at the man next to him who pulled out a small hand shovel and handed it to him.

"That's too bad," The plump male said as he stood. "Gardening is really fun and I think you will enjoy it. I'm going to go get the seed packets, could dig a nice, deep hole for me?" Cycnus nodded. "Splendid! I will be right back!" With that he walked away and disappeared behind a bush. If the creamette really wanted to he could of just ran away and escaped but, he didn't. Instead he sat there on his knees and dug a nice hole for the seeds he would be planting.

He really liked it here, it was like paradise compared to the rest of his life. No one made fun of him, beat him, injected his body with strange drugs but... He was missing something. Cycnus stared down at the dark colored dirt in the wooden box. He missed his Herschel, even if it wasn't the really Herschel he wanted as a kid... He still loved him. "Herschel... Where are you?"

"I'm back!" Dr. Cloverleaf chirped only to find the cream sniffling, he gave a small smile. "What's wrong Cycnus?" He asked in a gentle, caring tone as he got back down beside the sniffler. "What's eating at you?" Looking up teary brown sugar just watered worse and he dropped the shovel onto the bed, his lip twitched.

"It's Herschel," Tan hands buried themselves in their owner's lap, his gaze turned aside. "Ever since I was brought here Herschel would always be with me. Now... I can't find him anywhere. He said that he would come find me but... He hasn't come yet. I'm scared that he abandoned me but... He loves me too much to leave me." Hazel blinked, loves him?

"So this Herschel I've heard of... Is your lover?" At that Cycnus nodded, he really did have someone who loved him.

"Yes, he... Herschel has been with me ever since I was four. All those years he stayed with me, protecting me and keeping me company, making me feel like I was wanted... Back then, before I was taken away, everyone thought that I was either weird or insane. My classmates either beat me or ignored me, my teachers didn't care and my parents hated my very existence. By the first month of my first grade year my parents took me out of school, practically locking me in my room. It was then when Herschel became more active. Unlike before he could lift toys, show himself though shadows! But when I tried to make my parents understand... They snapped and called the mental hospital and... They took me away, locking me in a white room for ten years. No windows, no visits, no contact both physical and conversational, it was terrible. In that cell Herschel's realness only grow, now people can see him and he has powers. I really wish my parents had called this place instead, I like it here better. Please trust me when I say I'm not delusional." The male who probably poured out his entire back story stared at his doctor with wide, hopeful eyes, Dr. Cloverleaf blinked before straightening his glasses.

"Actually Cycnus," The older man said reaching into his right lab coat pocket, a piece of paper in his hand. "I wanted to show you something." He placed the folded up paper in to tan hands, the younger looked up in confusion. "These are your test results from the mental test we took on you, look at your results." Giving a small nod he opened the folded paper and read over the text, he didn't understand any of it. "Let me explain," Dr. Cloverleaf said pointing to a session of words. "After testing and hearing the words of some of the staff at your old facility we have concluded that you do not have schizophrenia but, major depression."

Imaginary Insanity Chapter 17: Search For Purity
Imaginary Insanity By: BloodyNightStalker
Cycnus has been locked up in a mental hospital for the past ten years because of his 'imaginary friend' named Herschel. Who is this Herschel character? Is he the only reason why Cycnus is in such a place? And if Hershel is nothing but a figment of Cycnus' mind than why can he move objects? Herschel X Cycnus, Yaoi, AU…


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