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Rago watched desperately as he waited for his Dynamis to awaken.

"I am such an idiot!" The black son growled under his breath, he ran a hand though his hair. "Out of all the things I could have said I chose that... Dammit!" Sighing the blackette plopped his face in his hands, his thoughts jumbled.

All in all he was disappointed with himself. He could hardly believe that he had fallen asleep and not gone after the grey beauty. If only he hadn't been such a hard ass and understood then maybe Dynamis wouldn't be lying here like he was. Glancing up red eyes scanned the resting being, hesitantly he reached foreword but then pulled back.

He didn't deserve to touch this man, not after what he did.

"This is all my fault..." Hanging his head Rago looked away, he didn't even deserve to look at this man. He wouldn't be surprised if Dynamis didn't want to see his anymore, make him leave even. Letting out another sigh he stood and walked away from the bed, approaching the window.

Outside the rain still poured and clouds still gave but now, Zeus was angered. Lightening and thunder crackled and roared as the winds bellowed, it was blowing so hard that trees were falling.

To Rago it sounded different.

The storm sounded more like the wails and sobs of goddesses while the roars mimicked the rage of the gods. Each and every noise haunted him, punishing him for what he did. Even his father's voice was heard in the mix, scolding him for his mistakes.

"Stop!" He demanded covering his ears. "Stop it now!" Falling to his knees he growled, his forehead resting against the stone floor like a bow. He could hear them, hear Zeus.

"I had given you a second chance!" The god of the skies boomed in fury. "I have allowed you to find happiness, to make a family, to be human with my most valued dispel! And THIS is how you treat him?! You leave him to DIE in my storm!?" Rago shook as he felt the rage of the god pushing down on him. "I broke the laws of nature for you and THIS in how you repay me?! By ABUSING the one you care about most?! I allowed Dynamis to become pregnant by your seed, to let your powers grow strong! Your father said that you could handle it! He said that you were RESPONSIBLE enough but it looks like he was wrong" The black son was about in tears as the god released his over boiled anger out on him, he continued. "You should be thankful that I even revived you after the chaos you caused five years ago!" The thunder outside grew to the point of screaming. "You should be fortunate that Dynamis prays for you every morning during his rituals, telling me how happy he is with you or I would have obliterated you months ago! Watch yourself black son because the moment he doesn't want you I'm going to seal you back in the depths of Hades!" Then the god's voice disappeared leaving Rago there in shock, his body still on the ground.

"R-Rago?" Red eyes widened but stayed covered by his long, black strains, he heard feet hit the floor. "Rago? Y-You're not still mad at me are you?" The man stayed silent as his lover moved closer, once he was in front of Rago he got down on his knees. "Rago?" Dynamis asked reaching though his hair curtain to take his cheek, he was shocked to feel wetness. "Rago? Why-?" Suddenly a larger, paler hand rose up and wiped his eye.

"What?" Looking up red met blue, they looked so confused.

"Rago, why are you-!" Before he could finish that sentence the preggy was pulled into a tight embrace, a head buried in his shoulder. "Rago!?"

"I am so sorry..." Dynamis' face turned to one of complete and utter shock as he felt something hit his shoulder, it was a tear. "I should have never... I'm so sorry!" Muscular arms tightened their hold and finger intertwined soft grey, his tears increasing. "Thank you..." He whispered, his huge body shaking. "Thank you so much... I love you! I love you more than anything... I'm sorry for whatever I did to you!" Still frozen in shock Dynamis returned the embrace, his smaller arms barely reaching Rago's spine.

"shh..." The greyette cooed raising the black son's face up so he could look at him properly. "Rago , it's OK. I'm not upset anymore so please, stop crying." Red eyes stared in confusion, stray droplets sliding.

"C-Crying?" The twenty one year old nodded before giving a small smile and wiping the leftover tears away.

"Yes crying, haven't you ever cried before?" Taking a deep breath Rago shook his head.

"No, I don't remember ever... Crying before..." This caught Dynamis off guard, his face softened.

"You don't remember... Ever crying before?" Nod. "So does that mean that... You've never cried before?" At this Rago shook his head.

"No, I'm sure I probably cried when I was a baby but I can't think back that far." Raising his hand the blackette placed it over Dynamis', kissing the tanned palm lightly. At the action dark cheeks turned red as the blood rushed to his face, the seme smiled. "I am truly sorry about earlier, can you ever forgive me?" Looking aside shyly the younger adult nodded gently, red turning scarlet.

"Of course you're forgiven," The preggy replied. "It was my fault after all. I snapped at you because of my hormonal imbalance, I also fled outside and-?" Suddenly Rago's large hand, the empty one, went up and took Dynamis cheek, his thumb stroking it softly.

"No love," He said using his thumb to trace tan lips. "This is all my fault. I'm taking responsibility this time." Leaning forward Rago kissed his lover's forehead making the younger blush more. "I'm the one who said what I did and I'm the one who also was fucking stupid and didn't go after you." Releasing everything he held Rago rested his head in his hands again, he could still feel the guiltiness festering inside of him. "I'm so stupid! I don't deserve your love. I don't deserve you. Heart, body, soul, mind, I don't deserve those things. I'm a monster. A cruel, terrible, heartless monster!" Dynamis stared in shock at the man who was currently degrading himself, what had happened while he was asleep?

"Rago," He said in a caring tone, taking the hands that hid his lover's face. "You are not a monster. You are a man, a human being. You may have been a monster before but you are certainly not one now." At this red eyes raised themselves to stare in disbelief.

"Then what am I?" A smile lined Dynamis' lips as he placed his hands on Rago's cheeks, he looked like an angel in the black son's eyes.

"You are Rago, son of the god Hades, Child of Nemesis," He leaned up and pecked pale lips. "The father of my child and the one I love most." Blood widened at the last part of the answer.

What angelic creature had been bestowed upon him?

Taking another deep breath he wrapped his arms around the preggy and held him against his chest, the greyette could swear the other was purring.

"Rago, can I ask you something?" He felt a nod on top of his head. "What... What happened after I fell asleep outside?"

Black Birth Chapter 27
Black Birth By: BloodyNightStalker
Sequel to Black Hearted! Five years after Rago was 'killed' he is revived and learns some new things about his dark powers. With this he also finds out that Dynamis still loves him. So, he returns to the surface to his love. After a 'heated' make up Rago notices that their something off about Dynamis. What happens will change their lives forever. Rago X Dynamis, Yaoi, Mpreg!…

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