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"Cycnus!" Herschel yelled shaking the sobbing teen. "Cycnus!" The shadow bit down on his lip as the damned banging grew louder setting the cream off worse. "Cycnus! Listen to me! You need to snap out of it and wake up! If you don't we won't be able to escape!" The creamette shook his head and curled up into a ball before covering his ears again, he was losing it. "Cycnus!"


He growled at the sound, the door was starting to give out. He looked over at the door before glancing back at his love. He needed to protect Cycnus, he was to vulnerable in the state he is in. Sighing Herschel leaned down and pressed his lips to the shaking teen's forehead.

"I will protect you." He whispered before standing and facing the door, he wouldn't lose. It felt like hours as the banging echoed thought out the room but finally, the door was torn off it's police men rushed into the space where the two had been originally locked up, their guns pointed at Herschel.

"Put your hands where we can see them!" One yelled, his finger on the trigger like everyone else. Smirking Herschel raised both of his hands, he glanced back Cycnus but growled at what he saw.

One of the officers was poking his cream with the tip of his gun, yellow eyes began to glow.

"Don't touch him!" The colored male roared pouncing for the stupid cop who touched Cycnus. In shock the other man pointed his pistol at the enraged shadow, a shot rang out from the weapon. The bullet made contact but did no damage what so ever. Suddenly the full grown human was chucked a crossed the room like a rag doll. He made a harsh impact with the wall, most likely breaking a few bones.

"Holy shit!" The one who spoke before cursed in amazement before pointing his gun at the non human figure. "Steady men! This guy isn't human!" Herschel growled at the men as he crouched down in an intimidating position much like a defending animal would, mist emitting off his body. They tried to hurt his Cycnus, now they would pay!

All the men watched in horror as a darkness started to leak from Herschel's body onto the floor and spreading throughout the space. Glowing yellow orbs glanced back at the tan teenager who was no longer crying before he turned back to the police with a glare, his was going to be fun.

Watchful of the intruding group Herschel slowly crawled over Cycnus' frail, white clothed body before gently taking him into an embrace.

"Release the boy!" A cop commanded, his tone rough and hard. He waited for the shadow to obey but his expression transformed into a sheer as the other male's grip tightened.

"No," Herschel stated as the room was now covered entirely with his shadows. "He's mine." The police man in charge rolled his eyes.

"Now listen to me monster," he said, all five guns pointed at the resisting. "You shouldn't be here, you are trespassing not only on the hospital's property but you are also holding captive a boy who needs major mental help. Now put the male down and get out!"

"No," Herschel repeated, more mist coming off him. "I stay."

"Then you give me no chose! Fire!" Yellow eyes widened as he heard multiple shots ring out.

Then, it happened.

The darkness that coated the walls now surrounded Herschel and Cycnus in a sphere, protecting them on all sides.

"What?! Keep firing men!" More bullets showered the orb yet none broke though, not even denting it. Inside the shadowed ball sat Herschel and Cycnus, the cream was finally staring to wake up.

"H-Herschel?" The groggy teen asked opening his abnormal eyes, the baldy smiled.

"Morning love, did you sleep well?"

"Where... Are we?" Cycnus asked looking around to see where they were, fear took his features when he saw that they were being shot at. "W-What?" He turned to the shadow with a countenance of confusion. "Herschel, what's going on?! I'm scared!" The black just smiled down at his creamette before taking the confused male into an embrace again.

"It's OK love, you're safe. Nothing can hurt you here." He buried his colored nose in Cycnus' hair, inhaling the others scent. "I told you I would protect you." Gently the shadow looked at the teen and kissed his forehead. "Now hold onto me." Caramel blinked but obeyed as Cycnus wrapped his arms around Herschel's body tightly, he was still confused. Taking a deep breath the bald male wrapped an arm around the other for safety before placing the opposite hand on the wall of the sphere. As soon as Herschel's hand touched the black object exploded, sending everything in the room crashing into the walls.

The men, the table, the chairs and all the already fired bullets were slammed against the foundation, everyone's bones being broken and the furniture was nothing but debris. Cycnus looked around in both horror and amazement. It was cool the Herschel could do all these things but it still scared him that there was blood splattered a crossed the room.

"H-Herschel?" The younger asked standing up, nervously glancing over to the shadow who looked slightly out of it, he raised an eyebrow at the others sate. "Are you alright?" yellow eyes glanced over to the worried teen, he smiled softly.

"I'm alright," He walked over to the wall to examine his destruction. "Are you as well?" The cream nodded. "Great, we should get moving then, they'll be here soon."


"The doctors that restrained you last time you had a major outburst, they are bound to come and try." Light brown casted themselves down at the memory, he never wanted to experience that again.

"OK," Cycnus replied looking back at the shadow person. "But, where exactly are we going?" Herschel grinned at the question.

"I'm going to break you out of here!"

Imaginary Insanity Chapter 9: No More Pain
Imaginary Insanity By: BloodyNightStalker
Cycnus has been locked up in a mental hospital for the past ten years because of his 'imaginary friend' named Herschel. Who is this Herschel character? Is he the only reason why Cycnus is in such a place? And if Hershel is nothing but a figment of Cycnus' mind than why can he move objects? Herschel X Cycnus, Yaoi, AU…

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