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Rago watched as Dynamis skipped down the long, winding steps of the mist mountain, he was going to trip at this rate. "Dynamis," He said getting the male's attention. "You should stop, you're going to hurt yourself." The greyette stopped and turned to the blackette, red eyes were filled with constant worry. Dynamis sighed and took Rago's hand.

"OK , OK I'll stop. But, you have to answer one question for me." He looked up at the worrywart. "Why are you worrying so much? It's not like every little thing is going to harm me." Now it Rago's turn to sigh, he rubbed his forehead in slight frustration.

"I told you earlier didn't I? I'm worried because you're acting strange." The greyette blinked in confusion before looking down and watching their walking feet.

"I... I don't quite understand what you're talking about. There is nothing wrong with me that I can see." He looked up at just in time to see Rago face palm himself.

"You've been throwing up every morning, constantly going to the bathroom every twenty minutes and now you've gone though I think... Six pickle jars! How could something not be wrong!?" Rago was panting now as released Dynamis' hand to clench his fists. " I... I just don't want to loose you again dammit!" The twenty one year old could do nothing but stare as he watched his beloved tried to clam down, he smiled.

" Me too." He said walking over and putting both hands on the man's cheek. "I don't want to loose you either. But, I'm alright. I'm not sick, I can assure that." His eyes widened with surprise as two strong, muscular arms wrapped around his waist and pulled him to an equally muscular chest.

"Come," Rago cooed into the greyette's ear. "Let's get moving before the sun sets." Dynamis gave a nod before taking the man's pale hand and walking along.

A little ways down the large Mist mountain is a village known as Zeusis or Zeus' palace by the town folk. Many people at first glance would say that it is small but it isn't, it's quite big. It has homes but not like most today. They were stone building carved into the mountain side tho some had electricity, most did not. The one thing that they did have that was modern was their hospital. It was two stories high and rested as the center of town.

Hand in hand the two walked though the town everyone gave their respects but shrank back in fear as they saw Rago, one women even fainted as she met his gaze.

"The black son has returned! Hide the children!" The blackette glared at the way the town's people acted.

"To hell with them." He hissed under his breath as more people fled.

"Rago," Dynamis' sweet voice mewed as he looked up with his innocent orbs. "Pay no mind to them, they're still shaken by your presence. After all this village was put to ruin during your rampage." Rago looked down to see his greyette nuzzling into his arm.

"Whatever, let's just get this over with." Dynamis gave a nod as they made it to the large building and pushed open the glass double doors that led into the lobby. At the site of the muscular man everyone froze, but slightly relaxed as they saw the guardian. They ran to him.

"Guardian Dynamis!? What in heaven's name are you doing here?!" A middle aged women shrieked before another one came running up. "Is... Is that the... The BLACK SON!?" Everyone who hadn't noticed the silent male was now making a break for it. "Oh my lord! Dynamis what is he doing here ALIVE?! He was killed five years ago?!" The greyette shrunk back at the mob of questions before releasing his held breath.

"Our Lord Zeus revived Rago for a second chance at being more... Human. He is currently being held under my care back at the shrine. The reason I am here is because I have not been feeling well." They looked up at Rago to be met with an ice cold glare.

"A-Are you s-sure of t-this?" Dynamis gave a nod before jumping a bit as a large hand made contact with his shoulder.

"Could we finish this up? We should have been back at the shrine by now." Blue eyes looked up to very impatient red, he smiled.

"I'm sorry but we must be getting to my check-up because Rago can not be off holy soil for long, thank you for your concern." He gave a small bow before grabbing Rago's hand, pulling him out of the crowd and dragging him to the front desk. "Good day, Ms. Rei!" He exclaimed to the old women behind the desk, she smile back.

"Oh! Why hello there deary. How have you been?" His smile dropped slightly and he turned to look at Rago who gave a nod. "I haven't been feeling well the past few days, could I please be looked at?" the grey haired lady gave a slow nod and typed on the box computer before her.

"What doctor would you like, love? Your normal, Dr. Moran?" The greyette gave a nod, to his surprise the elder hadn't relived Rago was behind him.

"Yes, that would be fine. Is he available?" Dynamis asked, the women chuckled. "He is, room 127."

Dynamis smiled and tugged on Rago's arm. "Come on, Rago." He said leading the man down the hall to the room. Every time they pasted someone in the hall the person would scream and ran away, this caused the feared black son to laugh. After about four screaming people and seven slammed doors they finally made it to room 127.

"Dr. Moran?" Dynamis asked opening the door slightly. Dr. Moran sat on one of those spinning stools, he looked up in surprise.

"Ah, Dynamis! It's good to see you again! How has guardian life been?" Dynamis opened the door fully and walked over to the tall doctor, Rago on his tail. "It's been just fine! But, could we get down to business? Rago isn't very patient right now." The man's green eyes looked up and locked with with red ones. "So it is true, Rago has been reawakened by our all mighty god. Alright then, Dynamis you go and sit on the alter. Rago you sit right here." He said motioning to the chair closest to the guardian. As they did this the doctor took out a pencil and a clipboard and sat back on his stool.

"So," Dr. Moran said after scribbling somethings down. "What seems to be the problem?" Dynamis let out a sigh. "Well I've been throwing up almost every morning and sleeping is becoming slightly hard." The doctor gave a nod and wrote down the information. "Yes, anything else?" Dynamis nodded. "For some strange reason I have been craving dill pickles for the past few days and recently I have been going to the bathroom far more than usual." Mr. Moran wrote that down and raised an eyebrow before turning to the male. "Is that all?" The greyette gave a nod.

"Alright then, to confirm what I think this is I'm going to need a blood and urine samples to run some tests." He went over to the cabinet and pulled out a cup. "Take this and go down the hall, there should be bathroom by the stairs. Here's the lid." Dynamis gave a nod and took the container and exited the room leaving Rago and the medical worker alone. "Are you really the black son?"

"Yes, why do you care?" Rago glared over to the older male. "It's not your problem, is it?"

Dr. Moran shrugged. "It just doesn't seem real, And if what I thing Dynamis has is real then I'm going to need an explanation." The blackette blinked in confusion. "Why the hell would you need an explanation? You're a fucking doctor for crying out loud!" The brunette ran a hand though his hair.

"I said 'if', meaning maybe what he has is what I suspect." Rago huffed, he could have sworn that this man was calling him an idiot.

"I'm back!" Dynamis' sweet, kind voice rang out as the door opened. "Here." He said hanging the doctor the haft filled jar.

"Thank you." He replied placing the container on the counter. "Good, now I need you to sit back down on the alter and hold out your arm. I'm going to prepare a needle for the blood sample."

"OK." Getting onto the medical table he pulled up his short cut sleeve to relieve a bandage, he removed the wrapping to show a scar, a bite mark really. Rago looked away, that was a scar he knew all to well. He had given Dynamis that the first night when... When he raped him. The blackette starred at the ground, mentally cursing to himself.

Dr. Moran was now by Dynamis' side taking blood, he grimaced feeling the needle inside him. "There," The green eyed man said with a smile before patching the small hole up with a band aid. "I'm going to take these to the testing lab. Stay here and I should be back in about twenty to thirty minutes." With that the male left and as soon as the door closed Rago was at Dynamis' side.

About twenty five minutes later...

Dr. Moran walked back into the room with a lest five papers in his hand. "Well?" Rago asked impatiently. The doctor sighed and pulled up his stool.

"Before I tell you the results I need to ask you some... Personal questions between the two of you." Dynamis and Rago both looked at each other in confusion, they had no idea what was going on. "S-Sure." Dynamis said not sure if he should, his voice betraying him.

"All right then, first off, are you two a couple or in some kind of romantic relationship?" Red and blue eyes went wide and Dynamis gave a shaky nod. "Y-Yes..." Now that, that was out of the way Rago wrapped his arms around the guardian in a comforting manner. How in the hell did THIS guy know?

"OK, question two. Do you two have sex?" A fierce blush over took Dynamis' cheeks and Rago glared. "I'm going to take that as that as a yes. Finally, and this will confirm my tests. Dynamis,when you and Rago engage in these sort of activities are you always the women or bottom?" Dynamis' blush worsened and he gave another nod. "Then that settles it, congratulations."

The couple gave confused expressions and Rago asked. "Why are you congratulating us?" The doctor smiled happily.

"Because Dynamis... Is pregnant."

Black Birth Chapter 3
Sequel to Black Hearted! Five years after Rago was 'killed' he is revived and learns some new things about his dark powers. With this he also finds out that Dynamis still loves him. so, he returns to the surface to his love. After a 'heated' make up Rago notices that their something off about Dynamis. What happens will change their lives forever. RagoXDynamis, Mpreg!…

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