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Footstep, ton of them, hustled down the soulless halls as they closed in. Cycnus watched as the entire hall became a dark void, he waited for the signal. As much as he didn't want to he had to, he didn't wait to upset Herschel.

"Are you ready?" The said male asked.

"Sure." Cycnus replied, he couldn't believe this was happening. He didn't want to lose the one thing he cared for but... He couldn't back out now, he just had to go with it.

The hoard of footsteps grew closer and closer, the shadow got in position.

As soon as the group of cops rounded the corner they were stunned to see what they found.

A pitch black hallway with only two people in it.

They approached slowly, there was no more than ten of them, their pistols all pointed at them.

"Freeze!" One shouted as they neared, they were so close to... Suddenly the walls and ceiling began to move, spikes forming.

"Cycnus!" Herschel yelled as he held out his arms. "RUN!"

And so he did.

The mental patient ran as fast as he could, adrenaline pumping though his veins. Behind him Herschel brought down his arms, the spikes following. Cries of pain and agony echoed the foundation as the sounds of ripping flesh and spilling blood took their place. But, Cycnus never looked back. He just kept going forward. he was going to stick to his beloved's words, to run.

Arms pumping, legs dashing, heart beating, he ran as fast as his small body would carry him. Cycnus wanted to stop, he really did but, if he did... Tears pricked his unique eyes as he closed in on the lobby area.

'I'm going to make it!'

Pumping his legs harder he picked up so speed, if he got out of here everything would be OK.

But... What about Herschel?

Was he alright?

'I have to run,' The creamette told himself mentally but his stamina was starting to fail. 'No matter what I have to get out! I have to be free!'

Sprinting down the last leg of the prison, right to the lobby and then, out the door.

Rounding the last corner then pasted the front desk and then...

"Halt!" Caramel went wide with shock and panic as police surrounded the whole area.

The doors, the windows, any possible exit that he would be able to take, was blocked.

"Put your hands up and don't move!" Everything in Cycnus' being crashed.

'No, not again...' The cream just stood there, frozen to his core. 'I have worked to hard for this... I don't want to go back!'

Slowly the cops approached the male's still structure, ready if something were to happen. One of the officers, a female in her mid twenties, stepped forward.

"There there," She said putting her pistol back in it's holster and crouched to the floor to meet Cycnus' eye level. "It's alright. There's nothing to be afraid of, you're safe now." She gave a small smile of reassurance before reaching reaching out to touch the teenager's arm tenderly, the creamette flinched.

"D-Don't touch me!" The tanned patient screamed smacking her hand away, her blue eyes blinked in shock. The others raised their arms making the teen tremble, the woman signaled them to stand down. She turned back to the boy, her blue eyes softened.

"Shh..." She cooed taking a step closer. "My name is Laura, what's your name?" Cycnus stayed silent as the woman waited for his response, she got nothing. Only one thought ran though the younger's head, where was Herschel? "Hello? Are you alright?" Slowly she reached for the teen again when...

"Officer Lane!" An officer behind her barked putting his large hand on her shoulder, stopping her before she could touch Cycnus. "Don't touch him! He's-!"

"Nothing more than a neglected child." Laura said looking back at her fellow worker. "Can't you see that he's nothing more than someone who needs proper love and care?"

"But he's patient we're after! The teenager with schizophrenia! We need to restraint him and-!"

"Shut up James!" The female commanded making the man flinch, she glared at him. "Just be quiet!" The man obeyed and zipped his lips, smirking Ms. Lane went back to the creamette.

Cycnus stood frozen in his place. He felt paralyzed, never before had he been in a room with so many people before. He began to shake, he felt like a trapped animal.

He needed Herschel.

He needed to be protected.

He needed to feel that feeling of security that the other brought.

"H.." He whimpered between his shaking lips. He needed to breath, to break free of this suffocation. "HERSCHEL!"

Imaginary Insanity Chapter 11: Run For Your Life
Imaginary Insanity By: BloodyNightStalker
Cycnus has been locked up in a mental hospital for the past ten years because of his 'imaginary friend' named Herschel. Who is this Herschel character? Is he the only reason why Cycnus is in such a place? And if Hershel is nothing but a figment of Cycnus' mind than why can he move objects? Herschel X Cycnus, Yaoi, AU…

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